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D&S Landscaping is a fully insured family owned and operated company. We have become synonymous with innovative design and superior quality service. You can be confident that you will receive only the best workmanship from our professional staff.


D&S Landscaping provides complete project management, designed with each clients' unique needs in mind. Our goal is to deliver superior quality workmanship through our highly experienced team. Quality products come from quality people.

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Early Fall Is The Time To Aerate Or Aerate With Over-seed

Here is a list of some of the benefits of aerating your turf areas:

• Improves lawn density and promotes deeper root growth

Aeration increases the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the root zone area stimulating new root development and encouraging thicker turf growth. Your lawn will be healthier and greener throughout the growing season..

• Recommended for over-seeding

For existing lawn renovation or over-seeding, aeration is ideal for creating lodging places for the seed to germinate.

• Reduces the possibility of disease and insect infestation

Lawn aeration relieves the disease-creating effects of soil compaction and increases the decomposition of thatch to reduce this insect and disease-breeding habitat. Aeration is much safer and less costly than corrective chemical treatments.

• Promotes the decomposition of thatch

Removing cores of soil and thatch increases the infiltration of air and water into the thatch layer. This will encourage condition favoring micro-organism activity that breaks down accumulated thatch.

• Increased nutrient and water retention

Aeration opens up the soil allowing air, water and nutrients to move into the root zone. Aeration also "prunes" the roots creating more root growth and a greener, healthier turf.

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Landscape Enhancement

Plantings, New Patio Walkways, Hard Scapes
Landscape Lighting

Every property is special, with its own potential areas for enhancement by trees, ponds, flower gardens, shrubs, walkways, patios, fire places and a host of other features. Call us for an appointment to go over your wants or needs.

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